[Thanksgiving] Budget DIY Decorations!

I’m back! I am so excited to share with you a DIY Thanksgiving decoration. This decoration costs $5 to make TWO! And it only takes 5 minutes! So great for last minute decorations for your holiday parties. It’s amazing too because you can reuse this craft for EVERY holiday simply by putting new items in the jars!


2 glass candle holders
2 glass covered jars
foam gourds or other decorative element
heavy book


step one: super glue the upper rim of the glass candle holder.

step two: immediately place on the jar. make sure it’s centered and place a heavy book on top to keep even pressure! [i used systematic theology. it doesn’t get much heavier than that!] let dry at least 5 minutes.

step three: decorate! you’re done! display your decorations with pride.

by the way… for $3 more, you can create a fall bouquet! those fall leaves and small flowers, along with the 7″ vase are also from the dollar tree!

hope you enjoyed!

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