[beauty] diy microdermabrasion


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ok… onto the post!

ever wanted to do something special for your face? not even joking, i did this an my skin had instant glow results! i’m not an expert, so i don’t know what to tell you on how often you can do it without drying your skin or if it even will. but, i do this once a week.

here’s the recipe:

3 TBSP baking soda
1 TBSP water

mix together well.
apply to face in circular motion.
let sit for five minutes.
rinse off with warm water.

say hello to healthy, glowing skin!


photo source: skin from [oh suz eq]

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89 thoughts on “[beauty] diy microdermabrasion

  1. This is amazing!!

  2. Be really careful how often you do this. Baking soda has a really alkaline ph, and skin naturally is pretty acidic. In fact, skin care therapists use this as an inexpensive solution for a process called desincrustation..it breaks up oils and dead skin that clogs pores. If used too often, the alkaline reaction on the skin can strip it of its natural protection and get really dry, flakey and irritated. What you are doing isn’t bad for your skin, especially if you have an oily skin and its got some breakouts or blackheads, just make sure you bring the ph back down to where it should be.

  3. I use an acne product epiduo ever so often is it ok if I use this also every now in again or will i have a bad reaction… does any one know?

    • Anastasiya Belysheva on said:

      If you don’t wash your face with a harsh chemical that day, then it is safe to use baking soda. But limit baking soda to once a week because it can be very harsh if your skin is delicate

  4. Hilary on said:

    I use orange juice and baking soda or lemon juice and baking soda.

  5. Love that there is a cheap option for this! Will definitely try it!

  6. What is “not too often?” Twice a month? Once a week? And what product restores ph? Would love to know the balance. Will be trying!! Thank you!

    • i think it depends on your skin type! i’m combo and i do this once a week at the same time. always sunday morning before church and it seems to work out well for me. i may cut back on it now that it’s winter weather in wisconsin and i won’t have as much oil on my face. i would say that it’s a safe bet to keep an eye on it and base it on your own skin. no one knows your skin better than you do!

    • christen on said:

      A toner. If you don’t use a toner it takes your skin 6 hours to get back to its normal ph (5.5) any time your face gets wet use a toner

    • Microdermabrasion is not meant to happen more than 2-3x per week. Adjust to your own skin needs and reaction.

  7. Does that lemon juice and baking soda work just as good as the baking soad and water ?

    • Desiree on said:

      I have used lemon juice and sugar as a microderm scrub. use it like twice a week, just pour some lemon juice on a cotton ball then swirl it around in a little bit of sugar, scrub your face real good and then rinse, it has worked wonders for me 😀

  8. Angel Smith on said:

    my skin is dry will doing this once make it red and dryer…. :/ if so anyone know any good moisturizing ones?

  9. Well, I’ve a combined skin so i guess i will be trying this sometimes..

  10. This is truly great to do. If you worry about restoring the pH to the face, use apple cider vinegar as a toner after. Always apple cider, not white!

    Cute blog!

    • Brooke on said:

      That is what I do. I follow with apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball as a toner. I have sensitive skin, so I dilute the apple cider vinegar with water so it doesn’t burn. I only use this microderm method once every two weeks.

  11. So what consistency should this be? I just tried it, and it was a little hard to spread.

  12. I love mixing baking soda and cetaphil normal/dry liquid soap. I will do this for my face and sometimes all over, rinse and use your favorite moisturizer. If you really want to glow, apply johnson and johnson baby oil gel (lavendar).

  13. What would be a good moisturizer? a homemade one! Thanks for the tips

    • I would LOVE to know this too! Anyone have ideas???

      • I always use a vitamin E oil on my face at night. I have always had bad acne and after doing a combination of the baking soda/water and the vitamin E oil for a moisturizer, my skin is GLOWING! I’m sure this combo is not for every skin type but seems to work for mine, which is very oily and breakout prone.

      • stacie on said:

        I have oily skin and I felt that any moisturizer I was using was making my skin even oiler. I started using aloe vera gel with a few drops of tea tree oil. I now have been doing an oil cleansing regime at night and in the A.M. after my shower use a toner of organic Apple Cider Vinegar and water and then using the aloe/tea tree moisturizer. My skin has been great.

      • Brooke on said:

        I use Vitamin E. I buy the capsules, gently break one open, spread about half of the contents of the capsules on my finger tips and dab it all over my face in a thin layer. It takes a couple of moments to soak in. The remainder of the Vitamin E goes on my lips and any rough spots on my hands, elbows or wherever. Love it!

    • Melissa on said:

      coconut oil

    • Melissa on said:

      coconut oil is great as a moisturizer. Only a little is needed.

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  15. I’ve been using a mixture of crushed asprin and lemon juice as a skin relaxing toner & cleanser, let sit for 5 mins and then scrub with baking soda / water mix. The baking soda fizzes with the lemon juice and cleans out pores. Rinse off with warm water in the shower. The results are amazing! Once a week is enough. 🙂

  16. Use organic coconut oil as a moisturizer. It has antibacterial properties, so it helps prevent breakouts. My skin is prone to breakouts if I switch products, but I haven’t had one break out since using it! (About 8 wks now.) I bought the Nutiva brand from Amazon.

  17. I use organic coconut oil, but then again, i use coconut oil for all kinds of stuff!!! Lol!!! Coconut oil is in solid form until it gets warm. The moment it touches your hand & face, it stars to melt. It only takes a small amount. Just start out with a small amount & then add if you need more. I use around a pea size amount or maybe even less. You will have to google the benefits of coconut oil…it will change you life!! Lol!!!
    I found this recipe on pinterest….I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to!!! Thought I would share it for anyone interested:
    Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipe

    I love that this recipe only requires one (yes, one!) ingredient. Anything else is completely optional. It also only takes a few measly minutes, and you’ll have enough whipped body butter to last at least a month or two. In fact, if you get carried away, put some in an attractive jar and it makes a great gift! It feels sinfully luxurious as a moisturizer, and yet an entire jar of it costs less than $2 to make.

    What you need:
    1 cup coconut oil 
    1 teaspoon vitamin E oil (optional)
    a few drops of your favorite essential oils for fragrance (optional)\

  18. Sorry, for some reason the whole recipe for coconut body butter did not copy…I will try again:

    Homemade Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter Recipe

    I love that this recipe only requires one (yes, one!) ingredient. Anything else is completely optional. It also only takes a few measly minutes, and you’ll have enough whipped body butter to last at least a month or two. In fact, if you get carried away, put some in an attractive jar and it makes a great gift! It feels sinfully luxurious as a moisturizer, and yet an entire jar of it costs less than $2 to make.

    What you need:
    1 cup coconut oil 
    1 teaspoon vitamin E oil (optional)
    a few drops of your favorite essential oils for fragrance (optional)\

    What to do:
    1. Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl. (You do not have to melt the coconut oil first.)
    2. Mix on high speed with a wire whisk for 6-7 minutes or until whipped into a light, airy consistency.
    3. Spoon the whipped coconut oil body butter into a glass jar and cover tightly. Store at room temperature, or in the refrigerator if your house is so warm it melts the oil.
    Tip: An electric hand mixer will work, but my KitchenAid stand mixer did an amazing job and I was able to get other work done while it was mixing away. A blender or food processor may also work, but I haven’t tried those yet.
    Note: Your whipped coconut oil should stay relatively soft, even at colder temperatures. I noticed mine beaded into a froth of tiny coconut oil pearls that melt right into my skin.

  19. Which should be used, warm or cold water?

  20. bridgette on said:

    I saw this in a magazine recently (Good Housekeeping I think) and it suggested only 1x per week max. I have been wanting to try it so glad to hear you had great results!

  21. This sounds lovely and much less expensive. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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  24. Olivia on said:

    This works great!

  25. Sandy on said:

    Sounds easy enough. And who doesn’t have those 2 things at home already? I think it is worth a try.

  26. Sarah on said:

    I just did this, and I am also a proactiv user, but I could only leave it on for 1 minute…not 5 bc of the burning. But I’m sure it’s from using my proactiv face wash today. But my immediate results are super soft skin!!

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  28. Mrs. Gray on said:

    I’m so glad i found this. My husband has problem skin and we will try this ASAP. We have bought every kind of skin care product out there and have half bottles everywhere! Glad this one will, at the very least, be cheaper. Thanks again!

  29. Rolonda on said:

    I’m not sure about this, it was burning on part of my face now I have to small rings on my face. 😦

    • confessions of a wisconsin housewife on said:

      try adding more water if you have more sensitive skin and/or leaving it on for less time. it will burn if your skin is more sensitive… read through the comments, there’s lots of other options too!

  30. kaysi on said:

    I tried this today and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!!!! I would love to do it twice a week but I’ll be cautious about that after reading the comments. Thanks for sharing!!!

  31. This recipe is actually on my box of baking soda 🙂

  32. Carin on said:

    I’ve used the baking soda before as a scrub and it works fantastic. As an organic or natural moisturizer though I found that organic unrefined coconut oil breaks me out. After some research, I found that all natural grapeseed oil has molecules that are too large to sink into your pores so it won’t break you out. It just leaves a thin moisturizing layer on top of your skin. It works great and I’ve used it for almost a year now! I have oily/combination skin that is prone to random breakouts so I have to be careful what I use but these two things definitely work for me!

  33. So gonna try, I have really big pores though and my blacke heads get bad. I have been using tea tree oil and it works but I have been wanting to do a good facial but not have to go pay alot of money.

  34. Jenny on said:

    I make a mask similar to this. I use about a tablespoon of baking soda, 1 finely crushed asprin, 1-2 tablespoons honey…stir it , it should be thick and paste like…I then squirt some lemon juice in…this causes the mixture to foam. Immediately slather on skin rubbing gently the honey is sticky and the abrassion from the baking soda and asprin can be rough on skin…let sit for about two minutes rinse off…do not use a wash cloth but splash and rub off with water. My skin is oily and sensative I use this mask about 2-3 times a month. It leaves my skin really smooth and temporarily shrinks my huge pores! Note the combo can cause redness but usually subsides after an hour. I do not recommend using more then once every two weeks. I recommend slathering this on in the shower with hair pulled back…the mixture is STICKY !!!!! Works well for back-ne as well…I usually slather on my face then slather on my back by that time it’s been on my face long enough and time to rinse…flip around and rinse your back. May be tingly and sting your face RINSE IT OFF as it has been on long enough! Make sure to use a toner and a face lotion.

  35. Need to try this. I love that its so simple! 🙂

  36. Janine on said:

    I did it the night I read it. LOVED it, I have big pores and my skin looked amazingly  clean I forgot to leave it on my face for the 5 minutes but it didn’t matter,will do it next week. Thanks for the info.

  37. Should you avoid your eye area when using the baking soda mask?

    • confessions of a wisconsin housewife on said:

      yes, do the “raccoon eye” look like you would for any other mask. it can be harsh & the skin around your eyes is very thin!

  38. This did leave my skin really smooth! However, is it normal for it to burn? It felt like my skin was on fire so I wasn’t able to leave it on for ten minutes.

    • confessions of a wisconsin housewife on said:

      yes, just take it off according to what your skin type is. if it burns, leave it on for 3 minutes. everyone is different!

  39. April on said:

    I just tried this! It did burn a little, but not too bad. My oily skin felt great after. Thanks so much!

  40. Has anyone tried to mix the backing soda with milk instead of water? Read that somewhere.

    • confessions of a wisconsin housewife on said:

      Yes! It works wonders for blackheads! Use 1 TBSP of baking soda with 1/4C milk 🙂

  41. Diane on said:

    Have looked over the entire contents of this subject, I will give this a try. (over 60 with some sun spots on face and arms…so anything will be an improvement) I will probably use the coconut oil as a moisturizer. Will let you know. Thanks to all the respondents as well the the Confessor.

  42. Gillian on said:

    Tried this tonight….loved it!!! It made my skin tingle a bit but after I rinsed off it felt amazing. So clean. I will follow your advise and do once a week. Thanks for posting this amazing idea!

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  44. Wimbai on said:

    is bicarbonate of soda the same as baking soda. or should i use baking powder? a bit confused.

  45. Vitamin C is great for glowing skin. I use C Glow: 5starnutra.com it is amazing!

  46. After reading all the comments i’ll do this today! after a few hours i’ll post my comment and i’m gonna tell you how does this work on me! thank you! 😀

  47. Yes, Bicarbonate of Soda is the same thing. 🙂

  48. gloria gonzalez on said:

    will try it as soon as i get the ingredients :),

  49. Just used this. After 5 minutes of rinsing off my face feels real nice.
    I use Bio Oil on my face every night. It is a miracle worker on my darker spots from old acne scars, & keeps those fine lines at bay (had them on my forehead, now they’re gone!).

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  51. wow…just found your site and so excited to ry everything after reading all the ocmments!

  52. I can’t wait to try it ……

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  55. Did this last night, followed by toner and moisturizer. I was in the middle of a breakout and it cleared right up!!! Thanks for this!

  56. ursi341@yahoo.com on said:

    I am 28 years old and have struggled with acne in my adult years. Nothing ever works. I’ve tried everything. Finally I found a homemade facial scrub after watching the show The Doctors. It’s really simple and it truly works. Crush up aspirin and squeeze fresh lemon juice over it mixing until it becomes a nice paste. Apply to your face in circular motions and let sit for 10 minutes. Wash it off with baking soda and warm water.

  57. Beverly on said:

    I have a question so should this be done in the morning and should I do it be before or after my normal face wash process it’s like 4 steps! I was just wondering if I should wash my face and then do the baking soda/water scrub or vice versa? Help please! N I wonder if it even matters!!

  58. I have really bad skin. I break out all the time. I saw some comments saying it has really helped with their skin. I’ve tried it three times so far and love it, but was wondering when people started seeing results.

  59. I usually have dry skin, no problems with oil. Is this a good idea to try for me?

  60. Tassekuchen on said:

    My skin is very oily and acne prone; I used this mixture on my face and it immediately started to burn! Do you use it before or after cleansing? I’m currently using the oil cleansing regime, with Grapeseed and Castor oil. I think next time I will skip the toner and just moisturize after this treatment, since my skin is ultra sensitive. (I also saw comments on using Apple Cider vinegar as a toner, which I will try after finding a recipe for 1 ratio water to 1 ratio Apple Cider vinegar)

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  62. JWidmar on said:

    Not sure about the bicarbonate soda, but I made and tried a recipe for whipped shea body butter. The one thing I would change in this recipe is the texture. I wanted it a bit thicker, so I would use only about 1/4 C almond oil. The recipe called for a 75% solid butter and 25% carrier oil. I used 1C raw, organic, shea butter, 1/2C Coconut butter and 1/3C Sweet almond oil. I added a few drops of coconut oil to enhance the smell, but it is not needed if you want a more, mild smell. Melt both butters (I did mine in the microwave) to a soft/ slightly melted state. Then add your almond oil. Mix it in a blender/ or whip it with a mixer for about 5 min. Put it in the fridge for 10 min and repeat until you have the desired consistancy . Too easy! A little bit goes a long way. The best part was I had made this for my hands, but the other night I threw some in my hair and left it on for about 30 min. Wow! My hair has not been this soft and shiny for a long time. Now I use it for just about everything. Hair mask, lip balm, face/skin moisturizer, etc.. Love it!

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