[cleaning] diy non-toxic bath cleaner

wow, i never expected my blog to take off the way it did! thanks so much for your love and support! almost 30, 000 views in 4 days! wow wow wow! thanks for your loving comments and feedback and supporting each other!

i suppose i will have to continue to update this blog more often than i have in the past!

today i want to share with you another at home easy concoction… only this time it’s for your bathroom! i cannot take credit for this because it’s from the wonderful domestic first lady herself, martha stewart. i love that it’s non-toxic and you can give it a little bit of a personal touch depending on your preferences!

my mother and i both tried this recipe to clean our bathrooms and they were sparkling!

here’s the recipe!

1 tsp dish soap
1 C baking soda
several drops of an antibacterial essential oil
[my mom used tea tree, i used eucalyptus because the flu just hit the home]

i know that you may not have essential oils laying around the house,
but they are great to have around!
i will do a post about their uses soon for those interested.

mix it all together and scrub scrub scrub!

photo source: bathroom from [48 seaverns]

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