[cleaning] quick household clean up

i don’t know about you but sometimes it seems like i only have an hour to clean. maybe even less. i end up cleaning like a man. [you know… out of sight, out of mind] but i need organization! i just don’t always have the time to do it…

here’s some quick tips for each room per day!

start by grabbing an empty laundry basket. in each room collect clutter that is out of place and place it in here. if you run out of time when you are finished cleaning, throw the basket in a closet or area that can be closed so you do not see it. you can return to it when you have a spare moment later.


— make sure dishes are done. or at least put in the dishwasher for the appearance of clean counters.
— quickly wipe down counters and appliances with soap and water.
— disinfect countertops.
— sweep the floors and mop if necessary

dining room:

— wipe down table and chairs with soap and water.
— disinfect.
— sweep or vacuum under the table.

living room:

— run a dust cloth over surfaces.
— vacuum.


— run a disinfectant wipe over toilet and sink.
— sweep the floor.
— empty the garbage can into the kitchen garbage and take out.


— make all the beds [instant clean look!].
— vacuum the floors
— run a dust cloth over surfaces.

then…. take a nap….

i find it helpful to do quick cleaning tasks if you have a check list… gives you a little sense of accomplishment to check it off the list.

any other quick tip cleaning ideas you have???

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One thought on “[cleaning] quick household clean up

  1. daly on said:

    I find it easy following your way of quick cleaning the house…. keep posting.

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