[entertaining] 10 baby shower themes

so, i love babies… my boyfriend has 4 and i cannot wait to have more in the future! i love everything baby. clothes, toys, parties, etc. i also love throwing and planning parties… bridal showers, birthdays, baby showers, weddings. i found out on saturday night that my cousin is having a baby! i’m so excited for him and his girlfriend and cannot wait!

so in light of that, here are 10 baby shower themes i love!

1. bunnies

check out this cute theme that could be used for any gender! these cute plush bunnies are accompanied with plenty of favorite childhood books such as guess how much i love you, the tale of peter rabbit and pat the bunny. easy to decorate in a navy or pink theme!

2. cozy forest

a cozy, intimate party in a cabin in the woods is my cup of tea! for any occasion, but i was so excited to find a baby shower with a rustic theme. it’s right up my alley! pine trees, burlap and moose decorate this comforting occasion. think girls gathering around the fireplace in their slippers with hot chocolate celebrating with the future mommy!

3. honey bees

cute little honey bees. this could be used as a gender reveal party since it’s gender neutral. love the idea of having honeycomb cereal in the jars for the snack! love the cake pops too!

4. sprinkled with love party

i love this idea. it’s ever-growing in popularity for moms-to-be that are already moms! instead of having a shower, they have a sprinkle party! sugar rimmed glasses, sprinkled confetti on the tables, sprinkled donuts, sprinkles for your ice cream, sprinkled cupcakes. yum, yum, yum!

5. things that pop!

love this idea. everything that pops! popcorn, mini poptarts, soda pop, rice krispie treats, jalapeno poppers, tootsie pops… you get the picture! give out popcorn as favors!

6. garden cranes

this is so different… but so elegant! i love it. the purples and the fresh flowers with added origami cranes. keep the food simple since the decor is so lavish and you’re using so many flowers… it’ll keep your budget low!

7. baby elephants

ok, this is one of my favorites! have you seen how you can take two swaddling clothes and fold it to make an elephant? i will feature it soon. it’s SO adorable.

8. fruit and flower garden party

use fruit and flowers to decorate the shower. love this idea because you can use it based on any color scheme you’d like!

9. snow shower

what a cute idea, huh? for all those moms-to-be in the winter, especially in wisconsin, this is such an adorable shower idea. snowflakes, white snacks. love this!

10. my little cupcake

what girl doesn’t want a cupcake themed party?! serve them and send the guests home with diy cupcake mixes!

to see additional details and photos for each theme click the corresponding link in the photo source below:

photo source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

have any favorite baby shower ideas? link them up along with your blog’s address! they may get featured in the near future!

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2 thoughts on “[entertaining] 10 baby shower themes

  1. I love every single last thing on here!!! I want it all!! 😀

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