[entertaining] 5 steps to planning a stress free kid’s birthday party

every year, i have to plan and execute 4 kids’ birthday parties. 4 very different children with different tastes and desires. this coming saturday we are having a waterpark party at a local hotel waterpark. color theme? black, green and blue [courtesy of the soon-to-be 5 year old]. and for the wrapping paper? army camo of course…

but sometimes, planning can seen overwhelming. i love planning, so it’s not difficult for me to plan and execute, but a lot of that is from my ocd tendencies.

i put together a great list, inspired by the first lady of parties, martha stewart, to help you plan a party!

1. don’t stress about it. pick a date of the party and begin planning it about 6 weeks out. talk to your child about a theme and location of the party and make sure that their best friend can attend. then book the party. keep in mind your child’s age and length of the party when you choose the time. for example: planning a 2 year old birthday party from 11a to 2p may not be the best because most 2 year olds nap during that time. Also keep in mind whether or not you want to serve a meal or just snacks and plan accordingly!

2. one month before the party, contact your child’s teacher for a class list and begin writing the invitations. if your venue doesn’t have included activities [aka you aren’t going to Chuck E. Cheese or a hotel waterpark], plan some activities that go along with your theme. at this time, plan your menu and decorations as well so you can begin searching for them in stores and clearance racks.

3. about three weeks away from the party, send out invitations to the party, or have your child bring them to school. purchase all your decorations at this time. you can find plates, napkins, etc at dollar discount stores for cheap. i spent about 7 dollars on these items for our party this weekend. start making homemade decorations and favors if you have decided to go that route. you don’t want it to pile up and stress out. do a little bit each day! do not procrastinate. you don’t want to be stressed out at your child’s party. enlist the help of your siblings or mom if needed.

4. about a week or two before, complete any homemade favors and decorations. call guests that have not responded [if applicable]. usually you can just write “regrets only” on the rsvp line of the invite if sending to school. purchase party favors and assemble the bags if necessary. all these things can be done with your child as a Saturday project the weekend before! make sure you know the schedule of  activities planned for the day too. you don’t want to be frantically running around, but make sure you’re flexible as well! kid’s have their own schedules sometimes. they may not be hungry when you planned a time for dinner, etc.

5. three days out, buy all the food you need. one or two days away from the party, make sure you have the cake. bake it or pick one up from the grocery store. prepare food that you can ahead of time. gather gifts, decor and favors together if your party is off-site. if not, start decorating your home! then you can be stress free on the day of the party.

have any fun birthday party themes?

i will be posting photographs with party details after this coming weekend’s birthday celebration!

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