[recipes] 5 easy dinners the whole family will love

ok, i’ve been searching for easy dinners because it’s about to be busy season. baseball is starting and we have two kids playing on the same nights, plus we are both coaching.

have you googled easy dinners lately? easy dinners. i got things like butternut squash mac & cheese… do kids really eat that? i think it sounds nasty. and if i snuck squash into mac & cheese i would never be invited to cook again.

so, in light of that, i’ve put together a list of quick and easy recipes that the whole family will love and is basically effortless… and not the “same old, same old”.

1. inspired grilled sandwiches.

this is inspired by a pizza from a local place here in town. cook some noodles and throw them on your basic grilled cheese. it adds flair! or simply add your favorite lunch meat! ham is always a favorite. it may seem strange on the second one, but with both recipes, dip in marinara sauce for added sweetness! it’s a staple for my grilled cheese sandwiches.

2. mini pizzas.

i always forget this one, but my mom used to make them for me! toast an english muffin. add pizza sauce and cheese and microwave until the cheese is melted. done! add veggies and mini pepperonis if you like!

3. enchiladas.

my mom’s specialty. add enchilada sauce and cheese to a tortillas. roll, cover with enchilada sauce and cheese and bake uncovered for 20 min at 350 degrees. add any type of meat and veggies you choose. OR another option is to make chicken helper cheesy chicken enchilada and stuff the tortillas with it.

4. tin foil dinners.

this is easy adjustable to your family’s loves. we do precut chicken strips, carrot bites, potato bites and sliced onions. butter some tin foil. throw in on there. season with lawry’s salt. wrap in a packet fashion. grill. these are AWESOME for camping because they will cook over a fire too.

5. picnic lunch.

we do this every so often so the kids can pick out what they’d like to eat. we put out stuff for sandwiches and a large spread of fruits and veggies. plus some crackers and cheese or chips. they can make their own plate and decisions about what they want. plus it’s easy for you! all you have to do is put things on the table.


have any great easy [i’m talking 15min prep max] dinner ideas for busy moms and dads? share them below!

photo source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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2 thoughts on “[recipes] 5 easy dinners the whole family will love

  1. Yummmm… I am now starving. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Just connected to you site via Dashboard.

    I used to enjoy english muffins all the time as a kid, but totally forgot about them. Thanks for the cheerful reminder that I need to taste them again soon. 🙂

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