[kids] getting kids of all ages to do chores

alright, alright. sorry about the week plus i haven’t blogged. been really busy lately with things around the home. plus, i picked up a second part time job. so, i apologize to my readers… but i will do better!!!

alright. onto today’s post….

maybe, i got it lucky. my boyfriend’s four beautiful children all love doing chores. well, they love making money. they love saving it up. and most of all, the love going to [gepetto’s workshop] to buy [playmobil] toys. every few months, we will take a special trip to go there to get new ones.

well, i decided to share the kids’ chore charts and how we do chores and some other great resources for you to get some great ideas on how to implement chores at your home for kids of all ages and get them excited about it.

first, how we do it!

one: piggy banks are clear. the kids can SEE their money. they love being able to look at their jars and know how much they have.

two: visible charts. we made charts for the kids to keep in their bedrooms to remind them of what they can do to make money and help out around the house. if they complete those chores, they get the money attached to that chore. sometimes, i believe, if kids have a huge list of chores, it can be overwhelming. this way, they know that if they do one or two, they will only get paid for what they do.

note: we aren’t very strict on our chores policy. we want kids to learn the value of work, but still have time to do kids. that’s why we pay-by-the-chore rather than giving them an allowance. at our house, the kids will request additional chores that aren’t on their list if they want additional money.

another note: we don’t let them spend their birthday money. what?! are you guys crazy? i know what you’re thinking. but, we decided that we were going to start a savings for each of the children. my boyfriend never went to college, but he wants the children to have every opportunity. i did go to college, and their mother did as well, and we both know how annoying it is to pay back student loans. so, don’t tell the kids!, we take their birthday money. [it sounds cruel, but keep reading…] we take their birthday money, but we give them the exact same amount when we go shopping. their allowance for chores is different though. they spend that as they please.

another fun thing we have started to implement is a family store. if the kids go above and beyond at school, home or out and about, they get a sticker to add to the chart. when they fill their entire row, they get to pick from the “family store”. this is just a box that we have filled with fun little toys and prizes and books that they receive for good behavior: having a great day at school, helping their brothers and sisters, helping with dinner, etc.


here’s a bunch of different resources i found while putting together the charts for age appropriate chores. look over a few because sometimes things don’t apply to every family.

pre-k chore chart from [over the big moon]. such cute, FREE printables perfect for preschoolers!

everything you need to create a chore jar from [job jar]. perfect for creating a job lottery.

here is where i got the family store idea. check out how they do it at [counting coconuts].

read up more on not making chores mandatory at [parenting with miss poppins]. also get some awesome chore cards!

pay per chore custom magnets from [more than a memory ak]. these are so cute!

amazing list of chores for young children from [parenting squad]. awesome ideas split up by age!

fun and unique ideas from [nice girl notes] for chores for little ones.

great resource for implementing chores from [carrots are orange].

a review of tons of chore chart products from [house of order]. these are great!

great ideas for chore charts from [a bowl full of lemons] that are great for all ages.


have you posted about this? do you have any ideas?? feel free to post them!

photo source: [1]

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