[baking] spring brownie treats

well, i made these for easter this year, and it only took me two tries! (the first time i burnt the brownies, and don’t you worry, i will include how to avoid that!)

last night, my [facebook] followers got a [sneak peek] at this treat, and here is the recipe and tutorial!

here’s what you need:

1 small brownie mix (they are in a bag rather than a box to accommodate a 8×8 pan)
vegetable oil, eggs and water according to brownie mix bag
white decorator’s frosting
green food coloring
mini muffin liners
candy eggs (i used reese’s eggs, but cadbury works too!)

[1] prepare brownie mix as directed
[2] line the mini cupcake pan with liners.
*this is important to avoid burning and overcooking
[3] bake at temperature as directed, but for only 25-30 minutes
*check them. when they are done or just about done, pull them.
[4] after only 2 minutes of cooling, remove brownies from pan & resume cooling
*sometimes pans will continue to cook the brownies if left in too long.

[5] mix up frosting with food coloring to desired shade.
[6] use a star tip [i used wilton 18] to make a circular shape on top.
[7] add 3 eggs on top to make the nest complete!

super cute, right? did you make anything cute for easter or have any spring treats to share? link them in the comment box! i’d love to see them!

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