[beauty] diy exfoiliating scrub + sunless tanner review

my skin feels AMAZING right now. i’m not sure where i found this recipe [it’s been saved on my computer for awhile], but i used it for the first time today…

and it smells SOOOOO good!

i had everything i needed in my cupboards already…

here’s my recipe:

1/2 cup of brown sugar
1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp olive oil


and rub all over your body. it’s going to be scratchy and crumbly and rough [so i recommend doing it in the shower], but it feels instantly amazing after you rinse it off!

this is great for pre-sunless tanner… now, i’m the fairest of them all… pale skin that lives in wisconsin and does not tan. i usually don’t make a huge deal out of tanning, but i like to have a base coat, especially since i’m coaching t-ball this year.

so i read up on  what the best products of the year are… and my winner [since i don’t have $30 to spend on tanner] is banana boat summer color.

super easy to apply, gradual color with no streaks and it doesn’t have that weird smell. it stays on after multiple showers and doesn’t wash off as quickly as most tanners. the color is so natural too! none of that weird orange color…

completely recommending this for those of you who need it!


photo source: [1]

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7 thoughts on “[beauty] diy exfoiliating scrub + sunless tanner review

  1. I have tried this too, absolutely fantastic.

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  3. I’m soo trying this soon! My skin can always use a little lovin’.

  4. Beth Peanosky on said:

    I love your recipes for natural beauty products! I am looking for a natural sunless tanning lotion. Banana boat is full of toxic chemicals and is rated a 7 on EWGskindeep website.

  5. Brooks Richards on said:

    I paid $60 + on Fresh Brown Sugar Scrub and this recipe works just as well if not better because you don’t have to watch how much you use because of the cost. Great recipe!

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