[everyday life] tips & tricks part one

good morning!

i know i haven’t blogged in a while. i’m so sorry…. but today i am gonna share some awesome every day tips and tricks that you can use. i’m very excited to share these with you. they are AMAZING! hope you enjoy as much as i do…

if you have any fun tips, tricks or diy projects on your blog, feel free to SHARE! i will feature them on a later post!

1. Pack for 10 days in a [standard carry on bag]!

this is so great… especially for families. kids are always making messes and extra travel clothes are necessary. or in our case, roads trips are crazy to pack for! four kids and two adults AND all our stuff???

2. blowing up balloons [without helium] for birthday parties!

i don’t know about you, but the last couple parties, i got a little light headed from blowing balloons up… and they don’t float! i always thought you HAD to have helium to make them float…. i cannot wait to try this out next month!

3. organizing [spices] for cheap.

i LOVE this idea. you can get these for a dollar at the dollar tree and go crazy! i am doing this asap! we are so short on cabinet space.

4. let the kids have fun and keep your sanity on [road trips]!

three hour drive to grandma and grandpas? i took video this last weekend of the craziness in the backseat… i love this idea!


5. cleaning out the [dishwasher].

you know it can get grimmy and gross… here’s some fun tips and tricks to make it clean!

like i said earlier, if you have any awesome tips and tricks or diy projects, link them up and i will feature them at a later date!

have a great rest of your week!

photo source: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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