[wedding] I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!

on may 12, 2012, my best friend proposed to me and we are getting married next february!

i’m so incredibly excited and so overwhelmed to be planning… i can’t wait to share all my fun moments with you!

we are getting engagement photographs soon, so i will share with you a photo of the ring and my fiance then…

do you have any tips for brides to be? share them here!

photo source [1]

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2 thoughts on “[wedding] I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!

  1. Congratulation!!!
    Now, you are aloud to have a face treatement and massage every month before the wedding… and also trying very expensive dresses and a lot of make-up artist to be sure you find the right one (and then go out with your fiancé to test the make-up effect).
    All because of the wedding!!
    Have fun!!

  2. We had a outdoor ceremony and the reception was in a hall… the thing I was most happy with was…….. chair covers! Believe it or not. Covering up the ugly hall chairs made a world of difference. Oh and something I loved at a recent wedding was chandeliers over the dance floor. Just took old ugly ones and spray painted them black.

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