[cleaning] 5 motivational tips to get the job done quick!

i need some MAJOR motivation… like MAJOR!

spring cleaning time… we did most of it already… it’s just a matter of finishing up one room and daily upkeep… ugh!

however, there is, of course, much more to do… i am tackling the kids’ rooms after work today, and believe me, it’s not gonna be for the faint of heart. yesterday alone, i found a crusted up peanut butter sandwich that some threw off her top bunk behind the bed when she was finished, complete with ants… i can only imagine what else i will find! (bust out the bug-be-gone spray!)

we spent our entire night cleaning and at the laundromat the other night. i think i’ve folded about 10 loads of laundry in the last few days. (if you read my confessions, you’ll know that i HATE putting it away…)

so in honor of my own project (before and after pictures coming soon!), i have found 5 motivational tips to get your cleaning done quick!

1. hoarders.

one episode and you will clean. i’ve never watched the show and never got up and started cleaning something. plain and simple. need a kick in the you-know-what to get going on housework? watch hoarders.

2. take it [day by day].

how about taking it slow… but getting it done in less than a month. one thing a day seems simple enough, right?

3. take a break!

i know it sounds the opposite of motivational, but allot yourself a cleaning break after every 30 minutes to grab a snack, watch some tv, check your email, etc. just don’t forget to start up again!

4. cleaning burns calories!

sweeping 240 calories. scrubbing floors on hands and knees 350 calories. shoveling snow 415 calories…

so remember, you’re working out while you are in constant motion. get to it!

5. trick yourself!

check out this [website] for tips and tricks on how to trick yourself into believing that cleaning is fun!

FUN WEDDING UPDATE! We booked our reception site today!

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