[garden] free diy garden fence

so today, i would like to introduce you to our garden and teach you how we made a fence to cage in our tomatoes. we have close to 10 tomato plants and they are spreading like crazy. we didn’t want to go out and buy 10 individual tomato cages, but they were starting to crowd our peppers. we had to do something!

first, let’s take the tour…

garden #1.

potatoes (6) and onions (12)

garden #2.

flowers: aster (dedicated to my man’s youngest son — it’s his middle name!) which is recovering right now … and calla lillies (7).

cucumbers (10) and corn (this was a class project from a 4k class that did not stop growing. we didn’t plan on planting corn this year, but we had no choice once that plant outgrew it’s pot!)

roma tomatoes (2) and cherry tomatoes (7). they’re looking a little crazy! (hence, the fence!)

here’s the FREE diy.

materials: yarn and sticks.

(1) map out where you will put the “support beams”. we needed 5 on each side plus 1 on each end.

(2) dig a hole for each beam and make sure it is buried at least 6″ or more for maximum support (you wouldn’t want the wind to knock it over!)

(3) (here’s the tedious process…) take yarn and assemble the rungs. i really had no rhyme or reason behind tying the yarn on the sticks, but make sure you have at least 2-3′ of yarn to make sure it’s tied tight and secure.

(4) step back and admire your work! LOVE this so much more than tomato cages. LOVE the rustic feel to it.

i’m thinking about making a smaller one for our cucumbers too about 8″ off the ground with 1 rung because they are starting to crawl into my lily bed. i’ll post pictures when it’s complete!

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One thought on “[garden] free diy garden fence

  1. That would be a good idea to make one for my cucumbers too! thanks for sharing!

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