[entertaining] 5 creative baby shower themes

back on march 4th, i did a post about [10 baby shower themes]. it has been a very popular post, so i thought that i would do a follow up with a few more fun themes that i found today while searching around the web … enjoy!

1. onesie theme …

love this theme because the wall decor can double as gifts for the mom-to-be! plus, how ADORABLE are those invites!

2. nuk cakes!

also an adorable theme for babies … plus, wash off the nuks and play games with them or disinfect them and gift them to the mom-to-be.

3. parisian circus

gorgeous. i have nothing else to say about this one! it’s so beautiful!

4. about to “pop”

with iridescent balloons! so pretty! love this for a tea party …

5. ducks!

this one is gender neutral for those who don’t find out the gender of the baby ahead of time … check out link 5 below for the recipe to this punch. it explains how to make it in blue or pink!

hope you enjoyed these! can’t wait to throw one for my friends or family members!


photo source : [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


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