[confessions] part one

well i suppose since this is a confessions blog… i should make a few confessions…

these pages will be a place to make your own confessions, whether you are a housewife… or just have a house. everyone has frustrations and chores they HATE doing or things they purposely avoid.

here’s part one for me…



i LOVE folding laundry… i HATE putting it away.

i’d rather let it sit in baskets. i need a big master closet so i can build shelves and don’t have to hang so much stuff up. it’s such a pain!


when it comes to COOKING, i’ll take the easy way out… when it comes to BAKING, i could do it all day.

cakes, cupcakes, treats. [here are the apple pie cupcakes i made recently for my man and the kids.]


i have recently filled my home with many FLOWERS and PLANTS. prior to this year, i’ve KILLED every plant i’ve ever had.

i have colored daisies, orchids, pothos, a palm tree, ivy, a geranium, veggies, annuals and houseplants. let’s see how long i can keep them alive!


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